Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random Card of the Day

Knight of Swords

From the Rider-Waite Deck, we see a man who seems to be rushing into battle. His face is intense and he holds his sword high. Behind him are dark clouds. The landscape looks to be devastated by war.

My gut feeling at this moment when reviewing this card

A swift arrival of news in a tumultuous time. The news will be swift. It may be the news one has been waiting for in regards to business. In regards to relationship, an angry lover arrives to find another who has come into the picture. He will fight for his partner, but it may be too late; the relationship has been in turmoil for sometime.

Some actual meanings of the card itself

Charging in as if to scatter one's enemies. Skill, bravery, defense, wrath, war.

The suit of swords has the element of air; it can take the form of conflict, intellect, and a feeling of swift decisions. There seems to always be a sense of battle and war surrounding swords.

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