Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random Card of the Day

Four of Swords

This card ushers in a sense of relaxation and rest. There's been a lot of conflict and worry lately. In order to heal the mind and body, one has to rest and forget the trials of the week. If ill, one will see quick recovery. We find peace and harmony with this card. It's a time of respite from the tougher times. The Four of Swords is one of my favorite cards.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A reading for a friend

My friend has been going through a rough time in his life. I decided to get up this morning, sit outside in the cool morning air, and do a reading for him. Nothing specific; in fact, a rather general reading.

Card One: The Issue At Hand ~ Page of Cups

My friend's going to have a very creative spark today and he will feel quite loved by those with whom he comes in contact. He may also receive some good news from a younger person he is connected with.

Card Two: The Present ~ Strength

He is using his inner strength today. He will have to tap into his courageous side when facing the day.

Card Three: Known Facts ~ The Moon

There are fears and anxieties to face today, but he's on the right path and these feelings will pass. Looking at the 2nd card, one can read this as a man having to have the strength to get over some of these daily anxieties and woes.

Card Four: Hidden Desires ~ Two of Pentacles

There's been some recent turmoil in my friend's life. He has had to balance some upsetting issues. Careful management of problems, though, can calm the waters. But inside his heart, he still feels as if this is a continuous balancing act.

Card Five: Future Obstacles or Attitudes ~ King of Wands

This card may represent me. I had planned on calling my friend today. We connect almost at a sibling level. It's also a card which suggests being in charge of one's inspiration and ideals. He'll have to take charge of the day and what's ahead, especially when it comes to inspired thoughts.

Card Six: Outcome ~ Queen of Swords

My friend will have a sense of separation today. He may even feel depressed at times. This is no surprise, given that he will be fighting anxieties. The queen of swords may also represent his mother, with whom he resides. He is always concerned with her. Perhaps he will see fit to just separate himself from those things around him temporarily and follow his inspirations.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random Card of the Day

Knight of Swords

From the Rider-Waite Deck, we see a man who seems to be rushing into battle. His face is intense and he holds his sword high. Behind him are dark clouds. The landscape looks to be devastated by war.

My gut feeling at this moment when reviewing this card

A swift arrival of news in a tumultuous time. The news will be swift. It may be the news one has been waiting for in regards to business. In regards to relationship, an angry lover arrives to find another who has come into the picture. He will fight for his partner, but it may be too late; the relationship has been in turmoil for sometime.

Some actual meanings of the card itself

Charging in as if to scatter one's enemies. Skill, bravery, defense, wrath, war.

The suit of swords has the element of air; it can take the form of conflict, intellect, and a feeling of swift decisions. There seems to always be a sense of battle and war surrounding swords.